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Stop People Pleasing

Be Assertive, Stop Caring What Others Think, Beat Your Guilt, & Stop Being a Pushover

Patrick King

Break your crippling addiction to approval and learn to be less "nice". Do you keep your mouth shut for fear of falling out of people's graces? Feel that you need to please and serve to stay in your social circles? You have the need to please, and all the associated beliefs. Stop bitterness, resentment, and anxiety from always saying yes. Stop People Pleasing is a frank look at people-pleasing tendencies - where they come from, how they manifest, and exactly what to do about them. Most importantly, the book emphasizes real, actionable tactics to change your relationship with yourself and others. This book was written by a recovering people-pleaser, so you can be sure that there is a real understanding of your struggles. Reprogram your beliefs and learn to accept yourself. Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. His writing draws of a variety of sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience. Find your voice, stand up for yourself, and put yourself first. -The psychological and often traumatic origins of people-pleasing tendencies. -The harmful beliefs you subconsciously possess and how to alter them. -How to learn new, empowering habits. Learn the deep origins of your need to please, and how to set healthy boundaries. -How to set boundaries, and avoid porous ones. -A plethora of strategies to say no and make your thoughts known. -Understand your guilt and get better with confrontation. How to say NO and stop feeling responsible for people's feelings. People-pleasing is called a disease for a reason. It can cripple you and hold you back from what you want - and yet it's all in your mind! You have the power to completely turn your life around and finally get what you want, defend yourself, and stop being so concerned with what other people think. Above all else, learn to free yourself.

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I think getting this book was a mistake. the book substance and format are all lower than my expectation. and the cover shows how little effort was done to produce this book.

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